All equipment is rented by the hour.   Any additional hour is half price except for Surreys which are always $16/hour.  It is not necessary to check in for each additional hour to let us know you are staying out.  If you are late, an additional hour at half price will be charged upon check-out.

Pets are allowed in canoes only. Sorry, no pets in the kayaks or on paddleboards or Surreys.



The two person Surreys have a weight limit of 400 pounds. Maximum weight in toddler seats is 25 lbs. Seating in front is similar to a shopping cart.  $16/hour.

Three available.

Canoes hold three adults or two adults and two children.  Maximum weight is 750 lbs. 12 canoes available @ $16/first hour.  Half price for each additional hour.


Single Kayaks and Tandem Kayaks

29 sit in kayaks available @ $12/first hour, and $6 second hour.  Maximum weight is 300 lbs..

30 tandem kayaks sit are available @ $16/first hour.  Half price for each additional hour.  Maximum weight is 450 lbs.


Stand Up Paddle Boards


34 paddleboards available @ $12/first hour. Half price for each additional hour.  Maximum weight 300 lbs.

Life jackets and paddles included.

All rentals (except the quadricycles) are half price for each additional hour after the first hour, prorated to portions of an hour.

Equipment not returned by closing time will be charged a late fee of $5 every fifteen minutes.  We use google for time.  Please be courteous to our staff and return on time. 

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  Taxes will be added to every purchase, including late fees and cash payment.

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