When you Arrive

All guests 18 and over are required to sign a release of liability when using any of the equipment. If the person renting is not with an adult and under 18 they will need to bring a signed release of liability form. This form can be found on this website.

For each piece of equipment rented, a drivers license or cars keys will be kept as security that equipment is returned in good condition. I.D.’s are returned upon check-out.

All equipment is rented by the hour.   Second hour is half price except for quadricycles which are always $16/hour.  It is not necessary to check in for each additional hour to let us know you are staying out.  If you are late, an additional hour at half price will be charged upon check-out.

If the equipment you want is not available, you have the option of renting and being put on a waiting list. Everyone in your group must be present to be on the list. If you are part of a group, members of the group will be put on the water as equipment becomes available, and only when the last member of your group goes out will your time start. Groups larger than 5 people will be broken into smaller groups.

Upon returning guests will be asked to  place their paddles and jackets in the designated containers to be disinfected. Please remember to return to the gazebo and pick up your driver’s license.

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